The Millworks is a multi-tenant development. The tenant roster consists of artists, businesses, education and offices.

The Millworks is located at 2020-2046 Leonard Avenue, Columbus OH, 43219 and is within 2 minutes of I-670, 7 minutes from downtown Columbus and 8 minutes from Columbus International Airport.

The Millworks is managed by Kapac Co., with Marvin Katz as the site manager. Marvin Katz has developed and managed other multi-tenant properties, including the Buggyworks, Belmont Building, Omar Bakery, Union Tool, Jaeger and others.  The focus has been to provide affordable space for the creative arts.

The Millworks was originally "The McNally Architectural Millworks", an architectural millwork company with many fine products, but with no successor family members to take over, they elected to close rather than sell.

The Millworks project began to transition in 2004 from a single-user facility to the multi-user facility that it is today.



Marvin Katz 614-882-9389   

Office: J. S. Bates 614-322-2084